Our Workshops

Workshop Topics Our series of mini courses are a carefully-selected offering of Money Wisdom designed to empower you as an individual and strengthen our community. Topics include:

  • Embracing Financial Empowerment
  • Aligning Spending with Your Values
  • Developing Your Productive Assets
  • Mastering Your Debt
  • Investing Basics

Additionally, we offer one-off workshops with topics that include:

  • Money Strategies for Couples New and Old
  • Everything You (N)ever Wanted (But Need) to Know About Taxes
  • Education Planning: Get Wise!
  • Retirement Boot Camp: Are You Ready?
  • Tips and Tricks That Qualify You for the Tightwad Olympics

Workshop Timing & Logistics Our W.O.W. workshops, which include weekday evening sessions and weekend afternoon power sessions, are ongoing. To find out about our upcoming workshops, please contact us at info@wealthofwisdom.org